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1992 Mini Refurb

This 1992 Mini Cooper had suffered from being stored outside with little use for a few years.


Although generally very sound there were a few isolated areas of rust starting to show through. Holes had formed in both door steps under the door rubber and on the windscreen corners, again under the rubbers. Both doors were in very poor shape. Stripping these down showed that both doors had already been re-skinned in the past. Sadly the new skins had be placed directly over rusty frames which had continued to deteriorate at quite some rate.


Once the bodywork repairs had been taken care of we were able to focus on some upgrades. Front guards were trimmed and flanges reformed in preparation for fitting 7x13" wheels. Adjustable ride height suspension was also fitted at this stage.


A full repaint of exterior and inside of boot area completed body repairs. New vinyl decals and bonnet stripes are fitted.


Interior was stripped, cleaned & new carpets fitted. A wood rim steering wheel & alloy boss completes the transformation.


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